School Library

 IPGS has a well stacked library which is an integral part of the school which inculcates the habit of reading in the growing children so that they learn to go beyond the curriculum . It is managed by a well-qualified librarian. It provides a stimulating, user friendly and information rich environment. It has a vast collection of fiction and non-fiction books. It has a wide variety of books on art and craft, travel, drama, poetry, philosophy, competitions. A wide range of encyclopedia and reference books, for the recreational and curriculum needs of students and as well as teachers are also available. We subscribe to a large number of journals and periodicals. Teacher Resource Section of the library is regularly upgraded and updated. It has a wide range of regularly updated CBSE and NCERT publications as well. Library periods are slotted for classes and the students are helped in selecting useful books by their teachers and the librarian.Our Primary Wing students enjoy learn the moral lessons for being the good humanbeing for our society andworld.


Students update their general awareness through a variety of magazines and newspapers. This galaxy of knowledge is being continuously expanded to cater to the future needs.



The laboratories at IPGS are designed to support the curriculum needs of the students. They offer a rich learning environment that embodies all the principles of student’s growth and learning

that are derived from the philosophy of progressive scientific education.


Technology Labs:
  • Computer Labs
  • Web & Smart Class Resource Centre (KnowledgeCentre)
  • Mathematics Lab
  • Server Room

Science Labs:

  • General Science Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Physics Lab
  • Biology Lab
School Clinic

The school has a qualified nurse to treat minor ailments and injuries. The school clinic administers first aid. In case of emergency, students requiring special medical attention are referred to a nearby hospital or clinic. The parents are requested to honour the bill. The parents should inform the school/clinic about their child’s special problem, if any.


Newspaper in Education:

Newspapers in education (NIE) is a joint effort between the leading newspapers and IPGS to promote the use of newspapers as an educational resource in the classroom. Keeping this in mind, we have established our partnership with Hindustan Times. This enables the students to get an exposure not only to the day-to- day information but also makes it possible for them to acquire rich communicative skills. It is a platform for the students to express themselves. Using the newspapers helps the teachers to bring real world application to the subjects they teach by involving various activities like- general knowledge quiz, puzzles etc.


Guidance and Counselling Facilities:

IPGS is aware of the stress which the students undergo and keeping in sync with the problems faced by them in the fast-changing world, the school has a guidance and counselling room. The counsellor helps them cope with their problems and ensures a healthy and all-round development.


Web Portal:

The web is an important source of information which helps its users to locate relevant material. In today’s technological world it is important for us to be in sync with these technological advancements. Keeping this in mind, IPGS has designed its online web portal which provides timely updates on:

  • Time table
  • Exam schedules
  • Syllabus
  • Activity schedules
  • Circulars
  • Photographs
  • Planners
  • Results
  • Home assignments etc.

This portal also has the facility of online fee payments.