At Indraprastha GLOBAL SCHOOL our focus is on the holistic development of our students. A large variety of club options are offered to the students to hone their talent and provide a platform for creative expression. The Club system of the school promotes the qualities of leadership and peer skills among the students. The Clubs organize various activities like Debates, Quiz competitions, trips and excursions and a wide range of sporting events. Students are also sensitized about their heritage and their fine arts skills are even more refined. Some of the clubs at school are the Eco Club, The Masqueraders, The Literary Wizard, Robotics, Rangmanch, Quizholics, The STEAM Lab, Pottery, Virasat and The Astronomy Club. The club periods are a time of bonhomie along with fun and learning for the students. Students gain knowledge the fun way and it greatly enhances the classroom teaching of the students.


"The Earth does not belong to us: We belong to the Earth."

In this 21st century, sustainability has become a buzzword for protecting our ecosystem, preserving resources and improving the quality of our lives. With this idea of sustainability,our school initiated a unique sustainable initiative by starting an Eco-club, titled ‘ECO WARRIORS’. It is a forum by which students can reach out, influence and engage their families, relatives or other neighbourhood communities to instill a green lifestyle and promote sound and responsible environmental behaviour. Green initiatives are taken up to equip young minds to deal with environmental concerns through more effective environmental education practices.
ECO WARRIORS raises awareness amongst students about the importance of environmental-friendly practices, such as recycling and disposing of their litter in the correct way - two simple steps that can make a big difference. The Eco Warriors have been involved in many projects including a whole school waste awareness project promoting the three Rs of waste management -Reduce, Reuse and Recycle; litter picking; planting seeds around the school; speaking at school assemblies, conducting rallies and helping to promote earth education in the school.
The club asserts its importance for a cleaner environment and goes with the legacy of ‘Go Green with Sustainable Living’.



"There is no cramming for a test of character. It always comes as a pop quiz."
Quizzing is an art and a test of intellect. The Quizoholics aims at identifying students with quizzing talent and creates opportunities for them to sharpen their quizzing skills.
● The club conducts periodic quizzes on specific topics.
● Information shared through audio-video aids improves and helps in various subjects like SCIENCE, HISTORY, SPORTS, ENGLISH, etc.
● It promotes a healthy debate amongst students so that they learn from each other.
● Quizzes promote a fun way to learn new things and help improves one’s general knowledge.

Literary Wizards Club

“Literature is the garden of wisdom.”

As English has gained the status of an international language it is imperative to enhance the LSRW skills of the students through robust activities and competitions. We, at IPGS, adopt an advanced approach for the enhancement of these skills of the students. The objective to conduct these activities is not only to enhance the communication skills of the students but also to identify the problems of the students who are structurally competent in writing but cannot communicate appropriately along with listening and reading skills.

The following activities were conducted for various classes:-


Impromptu Commentary: Match clippings of some interesting matches were used as a tool. These clippings were shown to the students in a mute mode and students were asked to give commentary for the same. Students participated with great zeal and enthusiasm as it was related to their sports interests. Students were given the liberty to come over and present individually or in pairs. The commentary continued as students presented it one after the other without long pauses. Each student was given a 1-minute duration for speaking. Many students performed brilliantly combining their presence of mind with their fluency in speaking.


Translating famous Hindi Patriotic songs into English, and then singing it out to the class. Students were asked to divide themselves into groups. Teachers ensured that the groups formed were of heterogeneous ability having at least one good singer. Students not only used their comprehension skills of both languages but also had to take care of their musical notes. The activity was not only interesting but also challenging. Overall, the activity was an enjoyable learning experience.


Advertisement Enactment: Students were shown mute videos of some social advertisements which they enacted in groups. The activity kindled their creativity and was completely packed with fun-filled learning.All the above-mentioned activities were assessed as Subject Enrichment Activities.


Masqueraders Club

"Drama is exposure; it is confrontation; it is a contradiction and it leads to analysis, construction, recognition, and eventually to an awakening of understanding."

The Masqueraders Club is designed for students interested in learning more about the aspects of theatre. This includes learning stage terminology, working on acting skills, set building, costumes/makeup design, etc.The club works on creative thinking skills, encourages teamwork and provides students with enriching learning experiences in the area of performing arts.The club helps develop the confidence that's essential to speaking clearly, lucidly, and thoughtfully.The following activities were conducted for the Masqueraders:What is Theatre, T.V Interview, Navrasa, Mime, Cross the Street, Movie Mania, Dramatic Monologue and Drama Charades, etc.


The Cookery Club 

It aims to encourage students to cook and eat healthily. Students learn about the importance of a healthy and balanced diet, how to plan and prepare meals without fire, read and understand food labels, learn about food hygiene and food safety skills, and above all, discover that cooking is fun! A number of Cooking without fire dishes were introduced to students such as:
● Katori chaat
● Paneer and capsicum discs
● Fruit cream
● Coconut ladoo
● Mojito
● Butter milk
● Fruit salad
● Tricolour sandwich 
● Sprouts chaat
● And many more


This club focuses on enactment,expression,gestures,various movements and voice modulation. Use of drama and art in education leads to holistic learning, accelerates personality development and imparts students with crucial life skills, problem-solving skills, leadership, cooperation and collaboration.The blend of Drama, Art, and Education has been an important tool of education,this club induces the ability of critical thinking and the importance of value education in a student by means of various activities involving 100% participation of all students. 
Drama and Theatre both are pivotal outlets for self-expression and by using drama as a teaching tool, students are involved in every way, be it intellectually, physically, socially or emotionally.Moreover  children  enjoy,open up,gain confidence  and participate enthusiastically in all activities. 
An educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding student inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking.STEAM CLUB aims at -
● Collaborative approach
● Encourages creativity
● Improves social skills
● Vocabulary building 
● Communication
● Problem solving skills
● Reflection
● Critical thinking skills
● Boosts curiosity
● Real-world applications
Pottery class gives children the opportunity to knead, pinch and roll clay with their hands and thereby improves their motor skills. 
Pottery boosts children's self esteem. Children learn to experiment and solve problems by trying new ways. The hand-eye coordination skills learnt in pottery class can result in better handwriting and hence have a positive impact on schoolwork.