With time, as the distance in the present borderless world, the mindscapes of the young are changing faster. In this increasingly global environment, young peoples’ perspectives are changing at a faster pace than ever before. Young people with their aspirations, ideas and achievements are all confidently poised on the crest of a knowledge revolution that will determine their future. To do so effectively, and without conflict, they need to develop the skills to communicate and cooperate with an understanding and tolerance of other cultures and foster the spirit of internationalism.


Keeping in sync with the same, the school had been collaborating with the top most schools  across the Globe. Through our global programme and projects such as  International School Award, we strive to create  a lasting impression on the minds of the young people about internationalism and global understanding, besides strengthening ties with countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Morocco etc.



The ‘Vision’ of our school is to mould students to achieve global standards of excellence by widening their horizons of learning, opening new vistas and broadening their power to think. The school promotes collaborative work with its overseas partner schools in the global context.