A positive attitude in the workplace helps employees to accomplish tasks faster and in a better manner. The performance of employees to a great extent depends on the good relationship they share with their colleagues. A good relationship can be established only when employees demonstrate a positive attitude towards their work and colleagues. Through positive energy, work becomes a pleasure and employees find it easier to achieve their goals. Keeping this in mind a workshop was organized for the staff by Mr. Lucky Pushkar on ‘Attitude Change’ to motivate the teachers to work with new zeal and enthusiasm and make the school a better place for enriching our students by sharing knowledge. The workshop focused on the following points:


  • Know the principles of the profession

  • Set goals when you work

  • Design circumstances by being polite

  • Remain prepared

  • Encourage team spirit- Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, Adjourning.

  • Improve – working style, interpersonal skill, health

  • Be cooperative negotiator, be mild, take initiative



Cyber Security is becoming increasingly important in today’s networked world and is impacting every aspect of society including finance, healthcare, government, education, arts and entertainment. The objective of this workshop is to teach the basic principles of cyber security from the perspective of providing security awareness and its best practices for the real world. The workshop was conducted by Cyborg Cyber Forensics & Information Security department.

The workshop focused on the following issues:

  • Cyber threats enabled over cashless economy

  • Alarming threats associated with email

  • Security measures for wifi

  • Effects of downloading movie from torrent website

  • How top up ads steal user’s credentials

  • How digital evidence can be reserved

  • Case studies based on cyber crimes

Related to the above issues, safety measures were taught to secure ourselves from such cyber-crimes. Apart from these, teachers were also introduced to new terminologies used in the IT world such as IOT, ATM Skimmers, Social Engineering, Vishing attack and Phishing attack.



"A good teacher teaches but a great teacher inspires."

Keeping this in mind a workshop was conducted for the teachers by our respected Ms Suman Nath ma’am. The workshop began with an interactive session where teachers were divided into groups selecting one teacher as the group leader to represent the group. The teachers were instructed to write the qualities of a teacher who inspired them a lot in their life.


This was followed by a presentation where the resource person shared her experience as a teacher and explained elaborately the role of a teacher as-

  • Academician

  • Administrator

  • Disciplinarian

  • Evaluator

  • Facilitator

  • Motivator

  • Escort

  • Communicator

  • A Role Model

Apart from this teachers were also guided to improve their speaking skill, teaching methodology and their persona as these have a great impact on the students in the teaching learning process. Overall the workshop was very inspirational and motivating that will definitely help the teachers to mold the personality and perform all the responsibilities entrusted on them diligently.


Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills

An informative and interactive workshop on ‘Capacity Building Programme on Life Skills’ was conducted by CBSE - Academic and Training Unit. The Workshop was coordinated by CoET (Centre of Excellence for Teachers, Raebareli, Uttar Pradesh). About forty participants from well-known CBSE schools took part in the day-long session.


The Workshop was conducted by Mrs. Harjinder Kaur, Principal, G.D. Goenka World School, Muzaffarnagar and Mr. Balwinder Singh, Principal, Guru Nanak Public School, Kanpur. The participants were accorded a warm welcome by the School Principal, Mr. S.C. Tiwari. He introduced the team to the audience and spoke about the need of Life Skills in the present educational scenario.Step wise initiation of Life Skills was done through various activities and handouts. After transacting of the skills, members were told how to familiarize the students with the skills and finally the assessment of life skills and finalization was discussed.



An Interactive session was conducted by the Educomp resource person Ms. Jacqualine. The Smart Class Workshop was attended by all the members of the staff. The workshop was a refresher to all the teachers with the introduction of all the latest updates in Smart Class. Special focus was given to the usage of ‘Yenka’.


The workshop stressed on the significance of teachers who would be using the visual aids to explain abstract concepts for all intelligence levels. The Smart Boards were described to be a scientific concept on which the teaching methodology is based i.e. Engage, Practice, Summary, Explore and Evaluate could be followed and linked to the subject that is taught in the classroom.


The Stylus-Digital Pen was introduced to the teachers for easy mobility while conducting a particular class. The Teachers were given hands on experience for the same so that the content available in the Lesson Plan Modules is used to the optimum level. They were trained to manage the folders, edit them, switch view, add resources, use animations etc. The workshop was indeed useful for the faculty members so as to ready themselves for using Smart Class Boards provided in each of the classrooms of the school.


Self Defence

Indraprastha GLOBAL SCHOOL, Noida organized a self defence workshop for the staff members. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Subodh Dhiman and his team. It was a very informative workshop where he guided the teachers on how to protect themselves using some self –defence techniques. They also demonstrated some of the karate moves. The workshop motivated the teachers to be brave and bold to fight against the injustices of the society. Kajal, the President of an NGO suggested various methods to curb the fear of being a weak sex of the society and motivated all the female staff to fight for their rights and freedom.