Guidelines for Parents

1.Whenever you correspond with the school about your son / daughter, kindly quote his/her full name, class and
2. Parents are requested to read the contents of this Almanac carefully and, in the interest of the child, abide by
the rules laid down by the school.
3. Parents must inform the school regarding any change of address or telephone numbers and Email ID as and
when it happens.
4. Kindly submit 5 passport size photographs to the class teacher.
5. Always keep us informed, if your maid or driver has discontinued their services with you.
6. School will organise various excursions to places of interest. Parents will be notified before the excursion and
must give their written consent for the same.
7. No child will be allowed to leave the premises before the school gets over unless permission has been granted
in writing.
8. Request for direct pick-up or through an authorised person by the parent, should be submitted on a separate
sheet of paper. Such requests written in the Almanac (Diary) will not be considered for approval.
9. Parents should inform the class teacher and school authorities about any chronic ailment that their ward is
suffering from, so that in case of an emergency, timely assistance can be provided.
10. Parents are requested to carry a valid photo ID card while visiting the school.
11. Please ensure that parent/guardian/authorized person is in possession of ID when he/she comes to pick up
his/her ward from school/bus stop.
12. Parents are requested not to meet the teachers during arrival and dispersal time as this distracts them from
performing their duties.
13. Personal security guards and arms are not allowed inside the school premises.
14. Smoking inside the school campus is prohibited.
15. It is mandatory for all students to wear their student ID card and carry the school almanac daily.
16. Cooperation with the school authorities in enforcing regularity and discipline will be appreciated.